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The Director of the Consortium is appointed by the Assembly. His mandate lasts for three years and is renewable only once. He is the legal representative of the Consortium. His tasks are described in art. 11 of the Statute

Prof. Felice Crupi


Short CV

Felice Crupi (male) received the M.S. degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Messina in 1997 and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Firenze in 2001. Since 2018 he is Full Professor of Electronics at the University of Calabria. Since 2023 he is the Director of the IUNET Consortium.

His primary research interests include electronic device reliability, design of ultra-low power analog circuits and early assessment of emerging technologies for logic and memory applications. He has authored over 200 publications in peer-reviewed journals and in international conference proceedings. He served as a technical program committe member of International Electron Devices Meeting and International Reliability Physics Symposium. He has been Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability. He held technical and coordination responsibility in several national and EU projects.

Appointment Act: Minutes of Assembly held on 17/02/2023. Duration: 3 years (Article 11 Statute in force). Remuneration: zero euros.

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The President is elected by the Assembly at the time of his first convocation. The mandate lasts for a period of three years and is renewable only once. He chairs the Assembly in accordance with the prerogatives which it is entitled to. It does not perform any operational functions and does not have the legal representation of the Consortium. (Art. 11 Statute)

Prof.ssa Susanna Reggiani


Short CV

Susanna Reggiani is Full Professor at the University of Bologna, Italy, with the Department of Electronics (DEI) and the Advanced Research Center for Electronic Systems (ARCES). She received her Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Bologna in 2001. Her scientific activity has been devoted to the physics-based modeling and characterization of solid-state electronic devices, with special emphasis on transport models in semiconductors. Since 2007 she has been involved in Projects dealing with the TCAD analysis of power MOSFETs, modeling and characterization of hot-carrier stress degradation, modeling of package influences on high-voltage semiconductor FETs, TCAD study of the reliability of GaN-on-Si HEMTs, development of physically based models for SiC-based power devices. She is author/co-author of more than 200 papers published in referred international journals and proceedings of international conferences.

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Appointment Act: Minutes of Assembly held on 17/02/2023. Duration of assignment: 3 years (Article 10 Statute in force). Remuneration: zero euros.


The Assembly is the deliberation body of the Consortium. It is made up of a representative for each of the consortium universities appointed by the University according to their respective jurisdictions among the professors in the nano-electronics sector. Its functions are reported in art. 10 of the Statute.



Remuneration: zero euros.


The Scientific Council is appointed by the Director and assists him with advisory functions on all subjects related to Scientific Research. It is composed of no less than three and no more than seven members of recognized international standing in the field of Micro and Nano-electronics. The mandate of the members of the Scientific Council is three years and ceases at the end of the term of office of the Director. Functions and competences in art. 12 of the Statute.


  • Prof. Enrico Sangiorgi - ALMA MATER STUDIORUM - UNIVERSITA' DI BOLOGNA - Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell' Energia Elettrica e dell'Informazione «Guglielmo Marconi» - https://www.unibo.it/sitoweb/enrico.sangiorgi

  • Prof.ssa Sabrina Conoci - UNIVERSITA' DEGLI STUDI DI MESSINA - Dipartimento di Scienze Chimiche, Biologiche, Farmaceutiche e Ambientali https://www.unime.it/it/persona/sabrina-conoci

  • Dott.ssa Elisa Vianello - CEA-Leti - Senior Scientist - Edge Artificial Intelligence Program Coordinator - ERC Consolidator Grant DIVERSE  CV_Elisa Vianello
Duration of assignment: 3 years (Article 12 Statute in force). Remuneration: zero euros.


The Review of the Administrative and Accounting Management of the Consortium is carried out by the Auditors' Board of Auditors, or by the General Auditor, appointed by the Assembly among qualified registered officers. The (Board of) Auditor(s) will be in force for a three-year term. Functions and competences in art. 13 of the Statute.

Dr. Alessandro Saccani


Appointment Act: Minutes of the Assembly held on 17/02/2023.
Annual remuneration: 3,500 euros, plus VAT and 4% CNPADC contribution.

Independent Assessment Body

Annual remuneration: 1,500 euros, plus VAT and 4% CNPADC contribution.


Dr. Sergio Graziosi


Annual remuneration: 4,000 euros, plus VAT and 4% CNPADC contribution.


Dr. Luisa Giaffreda - Studio Zini, Folli e Giaffreda


Annual remuneration: 480,00 euros, plus VAT.


Dr. Gianluca Baraldi

CV Gianluca Baraldi.pdf


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